Pep band occurs generally during the winter months of December, January, and February.  All high school students are expected to participate (unless participating in an athletic event - work is not an excuse!).  With that being said, pep band is one of the most fun opportunities that students are given throughout the year.  Not only do students get to play new and exciting music, but may even be allowed to dress up based on a given theme.  The Buccaneer pep band book includes repetoire from many generations including old favorites such as Louie, Louie and new radio hits such as the Cupid Shuffle and Bad Romance.  No matter what your favorite music is, the Buccaneer pep band probably has something for you!  Additionally, middle school students and alumni are encouraged to show up for a pep band event (just for fun) as a way to remember good times had and to get a taste of exciting things to come!