At East Buchanan the faculty believes in providing opportunities for the student to become a well-balanced individual.  In the band program, this also holds true.  Through a variety of avenues, the student has opportunities to become a truly diverse musician.  Each component of the music curriculum helps to bring something new, different, and unique to the experience.  Through choir, band, jazz band, marching band, pep band, and musicals, this goal is met each year.  The opportunity is provided; the student needs to reach for these opportunities.  All this being said, the band department openly welcomes all and any students at East Buchanan to join band.  No matter what your experience level or other activity committments, we would love to have you join us!  If you are concerned with overlapping activities, don't worry, talk to Mr. McBride.  Yes, it is VERY possible to do band and any other activity offered at East Buchanan!


Band is all about community/family.  At East Buchanan, the band is, in a sense, a family.  From 5th graders to high school seniors, we all are part of this.  There are many times that you will work hard but the fun always exceeds the work.  That's how music is - you have to enjoy being a part of it and being around the people you're around for so many hours.  The East Buchanan band program very much embraces this approach of family, fun, and excellence.  Through hard work, fun experiences, and memories created by group bonding, band, without a doubt, is an experience that one will remember for a lifetime.


At East Buchanan, band begins in 5th grade.  As early as the students' first year, they may be applied for and accepted into honor bands which are a great way for a student to rise to higher challenges.  In middle school band, the literature becomes more diverse including more challenging and programmatic works.  Middle school students will have the opportunity to participate in the middle school solo contest.  As part of this, 6-8 grade students may prepare a solo and perform it for a judge.  Students will then be awarded ribbons based on their acheivements.  Jazz band and marching band are introduced and the students will have some time at the end of the school year to learn the basic techniques involved in both activities.  Middle school students are even encouaged and invited to join the high school band in the annual Winthrop Day's parade!  High school band involves 9-12 (and 8th graders that wish to challenge themselves).  The year begins with marching band and focuses on music, marching technique, and performance.  Marching band also involves color guard in which non-band students are encouraged to participate.  Following the marching band season, jazz band gets underway along with concert band and pep band.  High school students are encouraged to participate in the State Solo/Ensemble Festival in which they can earn division ratings from the IHSMA.  Honor bands are also available including opportunities to audition for the Iowa All-state Festival.  Many band activities will take students on trips to contests and festivals - this is often a very exciting experience for students.  The year will conclude with the spring concert, some introduction to next year's marching band season, commencement band, and the final performance of the year: the annual Winthrop Day's parade.


At East Buchanan we enjoy hearing from our students, parents, community members, and alumni.  Please feel free to contact Mr. McBride (cmcbride@east-buc.k12.ia.us)regarding the EB band program.